PES provides NETA Accredited acceptance testing, protective relay testing and calibration.

Our testing ranges anywhere from low-voltage power distribution to commissioning of utility substations and maintenance. With the support of our Project Management Team, we are devoted to ensuring the accurate and timely completion of our projects.

  • NETA Acceptance Testing, Maintenance Testing, Electrical Commissioning, Manufacturer Startup, Training, Substation Testing and Commissioning, Troubleshooting, Turnarounds, Emergency Services.
  • Industrial, Commercial, Utility Substations, Data Centers, Healthcare, Cement and Steel Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Offshore, Military Bases, End-User Facilities, Distribution Facilities, Warehouses.


  • High, Medium, and Low Voltage Electrical Services
  • Monthly Inspections, Quarterly & Annual Preventative Plans
  • Emergency Restoration Services, 24 Hour On-Call Response
  • Transformers (Substation, Oil Filled Pad Mounted, Dry Type, Oil De-Gas, Vacuum Fill, Dressout, Oil Testing)
  • Medium Voltage Cables (Very Low Frequency, DC High Potential, Tan Delta, Partial Discharge Offline/Online)
  • Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear and Components
  • Relays (SEL, GE, ABB, Westinghouse, Basler, Sepam, etc.)
  • Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers, VFD, Soft Starts
  • Medium and Low Voltage Rotating Machinery
  • ATS, MTS, UPS, DC Batteries, Capacitor Banks
  • Ground Fault Protection Systems
  • Power Quality Metering/ Analysis Services
  • Isolation Panels, Patient Care Testing, NFPA 99
  • Infrared Surveys with Certified Thermographers
  • SCADA & MODBUS Communications

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