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Electrical Circuit


The PES Breaker Shop and Modernization Department specializes in the reconditioning, installation, and maintenance of electrical equipment for a wide range of industries. The department was first established in the early 2020, when PES recognized a growing need for reliable, cost-effective circuit breaker repair services. At the time, many industrial facilities were struggling to keep their aging electrical equipment in good working condition, and there were few options for repair or replacement. Although this department has a short history on paper, the breaker technicians of the department have decades of experience in the circuit breaker and electrical equipment industry.  

Types of Breaker Reconditioning and Modernization Services Offered:

►  Switchgear Field Additions and Modifications
►  Emergency Field Repairs
►  HV, MV, and LV Circuit Troubleshooting & Repair
►  Custom Control Panels and Bussing Modifications
►  OCB Rebuild & SF6 Breaker Testing
►  Rental & Exchange Breakers
►  Spare Equipment Inventory
►  Fabrication Services
►  Modernization Services
►  MV & LV Contactor Reconditioning, Retrofitting, and Repairs
►  Relay Upgrades - Electromechanical to Digital
►  Key Interlock System Design and Installation (Kirk-Key)
►  Replacement vs. Reconditioning services with detailed lead times

Resetting Fuse Box
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