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Solar panels


PES is a reliable source for Cable Terminations as well as Renewables services for solar farms and much more!

Types of Cable Terminations and Renewable Services Offered:

►  Medium Voltage Cable Terminations and Material Procurement
►  Medium and Low Voltage Cable Pulling
►  PFISTERER Terminations
►  Backfill Excavation Services
►  Sectionalizing Cabinet
►  Ground Fault Repairs
►  Civil/Critical Dig Operations
►  Fiber Terminations/ Splices/ Troubleshooting
►  Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Testing (OTDR)
►  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
►  IV Curve/ VOC / Polarity Testing & Troubleshooting
►  Fall of Potential/ Point to Point Testing
►  Inverter Terminations DC/ AC
►  Combiner Box Terminations
►  Electrical Installation/ Trenching/ Sectional Cabinets
►  Ground Fault Location and Repair
►  Partial Discharge/ VLF Testing
►  IR Scans on DC Switches/ Combiner Boxes/ Etc.
►  COLD/ HOT Commissioning and Troubleshooting

►  Operations & Maintenance Services (O&M)

Solar panel close-up
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